I ❤️ Westboro Beach Community Association!

Are you new to Westboro Beach? See what a new resident has to say!

Winter Carnival 2020- building a snow fort

When we first moved to Ottawa, we rented a house in Westboro Beach.  We wanted time to investigate various areas of Ottawa before we committed to buying a house.  Not being from around here we were not certain into which neighbourhood our family of 5 should settle.  After a very, very, very short time we knew it had to be Westboro Beach as we pretty quickly realized all the great things it has to offer.  We loved its proximity to the river and were thrilled that we could walk to nearby shops and restaurants in just a few minutes.  Prior to moving to Ottawa, we had lived in a town where you had to drive to just about every location, so now being able to walk or take transpo to anywhere within Ottawa was awesome.  We ended up buying a home here and our enjoyment of Westboro Beach and all the things it has to offer has not diminished.   In addition to finding a great location to settle, we have fantastic neighbours and have a real sense of community here. That community feel is in large part to the efforts of the WBCA, even during these difficult times.  

Summer Sunset at Westboro Beach 2020

Due to COVID disruptions this year, the WBCA has not been able to hold our usual fundraising events. Please donate what you can so that we can continue to provide inclusive and free programming to all community members.

Donate via bank e-transfer. Send your donation to:


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