I ❤️ Westboro Beach Community Association!

Moody sky at Westboro Beach

For the past 10 months, the world has been redefining our new “normal”.

We are unable to gather with friends and family to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or any other event; we cannot hug those close to us who are in need. 

With the recent edict to “stay at home”, it would be easy to focus on the negative and all the things I cannot do right now. 

Instead of focusing on what is temporarily out of reach – because I KNOW better times are coming – I like to acknowledge all I that do have…   I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, friends I can call.  I also notice that random acts of kindness are all around me, if I take the time to look.  And yes, my local grocery stores and drug stores are still stocking toilet paper.  Good times….

The WBCA continues to look after me, trying to make the best of a challenging situation.  They are hosting safe outdoor and virtual events, representing my community at council meetings (remotely of course), writing letters to help preserve the beauty of my community and the place I call home.  I begin my days walking to the beach …  Right there, how many people can say that they can walk to the beach in the morning before going to work?    I love this area and am grateful for all the work that the WBCA is doing to protect it. 


Show your gratitude for the WBCA by donating what you can support community events and projects!

Send you donation via e-transfer to:


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