Garden Sharing Westboro Beach

Harvest Time!

Welcome to Garden Sharing Network – Westboro , an initiative brought you by the Westboro Beach Community Association.  

What is Garden Sharing?

Garden sharing involves an Owner sharing their Garden with a Gardener. Often the Gardener does not have access to land of their own.  To get involved and find potential garden partners please join our Garden Sharing network here.

Anything can be grown in these gardens, but often, vegetables and fruits are grown. If anything is for human consumption the soil should be assessed, and if necessary tested, to ensure there are no toxins being incorporated into the food from the soil. Please see this great resource from Just Food

There are many models of garden sharing including: 

  • Gardener works entire plot and splits produce with Owner; 
  • Owner and Gardener work separate portions of the garden and take produce from their respective portions; and,
  • Any other way of organizing the sharing of the yard / garden. 

The key to garden sharing is that the Owner and the Gardener agree on: 

  • The amount of land to be gardened and the parties responsible for the labour; 
  • Ownership of the harvest; 
  • Sharing of the costs, tools, and storage of tools and supplies;
  • Methods of gardening (type of fertilizers / from seed vs. from pre-grown plants / organic versus non-organic etc.); 
  • Types of plants;
  • Access (how, # of people, and times); 
  • State of garden and general appearance of the garden; 
  • Managing waste and composting;
  • Arrangements for soil testing (if necessary); 
  • The raising of animals; 
  • Liability and acknowledgement of risks;
  • Dealing with damage to the property;
  • Outlining any additional parts to the contract (i.e. Garden layout / design / methods); 
  • Termination of agreement; and,
  • Conflict resolution and failure to comply with terms of the agreement.


Orsi, Janelle and Emily Doskow,  The Sharing Solution: How to Save Money, Simplify Your Life and Build Community, Nolo, 2009,  Pg. 256-261.

Soil Testing Urban Impacted Soils

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