Westboro Beach is located in the larger geographic neighbourhood of Westboro in the urban west end of the City of Ottawa, see map below. The Westboro Beach community is unique because it is located adjacent to the Ottawa River, it provides public access to the River and is bounded to the South by the transitway. In fact, Westboro Beach includes several transportation corridors: the transitway, the Trans Canada Trail, the Ottawa River Parkway, the NCC recreational pathway system and the Ottawa River.

WBCA Mission

WBCA is an active volunteer organization that supports a welcoming, healthy, and engaged neighbourhood and promotes the sustainability of its natural features, including greenspace and the Ottawa River.

The Goals of the WBCA are to:

  1. Retain and enhance our recreational and outdoor spaces through all seasons.
  2. Advocate for safe streets for residents.
  3. Respond to development proposals that impact our community and proactively respond to emerging development issues.
  4. Maintain and build partnerships with businesses, organizations, and all levels of government to achieve the WBCA mission.

While working to save greenspace in our community, the Westboro Beach Community Association is working to maintain the high quality of life for our residents. The growing popularity of the Westboro Beach area has resulted in new housing development. The Association is working to ensure new development is compatible with the existing community. Feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions at info@westborobeach.ca.