Board Details

2020 Westboro Beach Community Association Board

Mari Wellman: Co- President

Don Stewart: Co-President

Catherine Casserly: Treasurer

Patricia Le Saux: Administrative Vice President, Social Media Lead

WBCA Board Members at Large

  • Nancy Mooney
  • Julie MacDonald
  • Craig Dennis
  • Len Fardella
  • Thelma Harding
  • Kevin Brosseau
  • Bonnie Campbell
  • Karen Genge
  • Briar Howes

Friends of Westboro Beach

  • Ellen Newall
  • Jay Johnson
  • Jonathan Rothchild
  • Don Paskovich
  • Donna Richards
  • Hashmat Khan
  • Gladys Cuervo
  • Justin Maheux
  • Tony Michel
  • Peter Brunton
  • Michael Laughton
  • Elaine Bissonnette
  • Ken Cavanagh

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Meeting Minutes and Documents

Click here to access our public Board documents. The most recent 2020 AGM documents can be viewed here. More to come!

You can view the WBCA archives here.