Garden Sharing – Mark your calendars for these two talks!

Vegetable garden in late summer. Herbs, flowers and vegetables in backyard garden.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 7pm – 8pmGarden Sharing Westboro Beach presents: Introduction to Garden Sharing with Moe Garahan, Executive Director of Just FoodOnline Event: ****MEETING LINK: Please email for the meeting link. ****In this presentation Moe will discuss the practice of garden sharing and offer useful insight and tips and tricks to a successful garden and a successful garden partnership.Moe has been working on food and farming issues in Ottawa since 1995. Focused on community development and community economic development approaches, she has facilitated the establishment of many ongoing community and regional food initiatives in Ottawa, (including Just Food) while supporting provincial and national food initiatives. Since 2004, she has been the Executive Director of Just Food, working with teams to integrate food access and food localism within the mixed urban and rural settings of the Ottawa region.Thank you to the Westboro Beach Community Association and the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa West for their support of this initiative.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021 7pm – 8pm
Garden Sharing Westboro Beach presents:  Soil Health, Urban Gardens, and small space composting with Sundaura Alford-PurvisOnline Event: ****MEETING LINK: Please message for the meeting link. ****In this presentation Sundaura will introduce the basics of building soil health and fertility in urban gardens and discuss some composting methods suited to small spaces.
Sundaura Alford-Purvis has been working in the horticultural industry since 1998 and was an avid gardener for over a decade before that. She has worked for the last 15+ years as a landscape designer and has taught sustainable landscape design through Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario.
She is now preparing to launch hands-on courses on cultivating healthy land relationships through A Cultivated Art Inc., while continuing her work as the executive director for the Canadian Society for Organic Urban Land Care.
Her particular focus these days is on the role that horticulture, an industry that is effectively the gatekeeper of the vast majority of urban green spaces, can play in restoring healthy, equitable relationships between humans and the rest of nature, especially in urban environments.
Thank you to the Westboro Beach Community Association and the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa West for their support of this initiative.

Harvest time!

Bees, Butterflies and Birds…WBCA Pollinator Garden

Photo credits: @NancyFromCanada

A few years the Westboro Beach Community Association successfully reached out to the NCC to create a pollinator garden on Selby Plain at the end of Atlantis Ave. Last summer butterflies, bees, insects, and birds were seen happily visiting our garden.

A pollinator garden is not your typical garden. It’s a delicate ecosystem which provides a home for many insect species such as bumble bees, ants and lady bugs as well as a feeding area for butterflies and birds. The garden is filled with native flowering plants, ones that naturally grow in our environment as well as piles of wood, logs, branches and leaves. It may look wild but the garden provides an area for bumblebee queens and other insect larvae to spend the winter.  Birds use these sites too for forage for food and utilize brush piles for shelter from predators and the cold (National Audubon Society).

Volunteers have worked hard to remove weeds and invasive species like Buckthorn and have encouraged native species such as thistle, asters, mullein to grow. We added a generous donation of native species plants from Fletcher Wildlife Garden in 2020 and in May, 50 milkweed seedlings grown through the spring by a neighbour were planted. The Champlain Park Pollinator Garden Committee donated 29 different types of sprouts which are being tended by a neighbour over the summer and will be planted in the Autumn. A large water barrel has been donated so that we can easily water the garden in the summer.

We welcome you to visit the garden. Our volunteers have built a path through the garden so all can wander through and view the plants. A local artist is painting a beautiful sign for the garden and it will be going up soon.

We hope that our Pollinator Garden will encourage you to think about planting a haven for insects and birds on your own property. 

Briar Howes with the Milkweed Seedlings (photo credit Dave Adams)

Let’s Add Art! We need a bit of help…

Meet our artists: Naylissah Aristide (left) and Kiara Whiteney (right)

The Westboro Beach Community Association’s (WCBA) proposed  Let’s Add Art Mural 2021 project is a unique collaborative opportunity to add art  to the local community in a well-traveled public location and to engage youth . This artworks project highlights a community that is committed, raises community awareness and it is  meant to show that this place is a place for positive interaction and a place to gather and feel safe.

The intended mural will cover the wall that is located on the eastern wall of the OCH residential building at 30 Van Lang Private (please see the photo below).  The mural location is highly visible for all users from the shared pathway that links Lanark Avenue and the OCH Van Lang Community to Westboro Station.

Future home of the mural
Path to Westboro Transit Station

We are still a little short of money to make this wall art a reality. We need another $1000. This money will go towards paying these talented, young artists, the costs to prep the site and art supplies to create and maintain the mural.

Please send what you can to make beautify our community and support these artists!

Send your donations by e-transfer to:

Let’s Add Art to Our Community!

Westboro Beach Community Association is applying to the Youth Engagement Paint It Up Mural Fund 2021.

Site Location of the proposed Mural is on the east side of 30 Van Lang Private, Ottawa.The concrete wall faces the bike /walking pathway to the Westboro Station.

Our Community needs your help: 

1) What would you like to see? Send us your ideas and draft sketches!
2) Are you 15 years old or older? We could use you help in preparing the site, working with the artist and doing some painting.

Send your ideas and name if you are interested in helping out!

Sample murals from 2020