Let’s Add Art! We need a bit of help…

Meet our artists: Naylissah Aristide (left) and Kiara Whiteney (right)

The Westboro Beach Community Association’s (WCBA) proposed  Let’s Add Art Mural 2021 project is a unique collaborative opportunity to add art  to the local community in a well-traveled public location and to engage youth . This artworks project highlights a community that is committed, raises community awareness and it is  meant to show that this place is a place for positive interaction and a place to gather and feel safe.

The intended mural will cover the wall that is located on the eastern wall of the OCH residential building at 30 Van Lang Private (please see the photo below).  The mural location is highly visible for all users from the shared pathway that links Lanark Avenue and the OCH Van Lang Community to Westboro Station.

Future home of the mural
Path to Westboro Transit Station

We are still a little short of money to make this wall art a reality. We need another $1000. This money will go towards paying these talented, young artists, the costs to prep the site and art supplies to create and maintain the mural.

Please send what you can to make beautify our community and support these artists!

Send your donations by e-transfer to:


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