Feeding Wildlife

Coyote Sightings in Westboro

Every green space has a coyote den but coyotes tend to be more visible in the Winter due to the lack of green vegetation. Coyotes are naturally shy animals but people feeding them emboldens them, making them less fearful of people. Over the winter, there have been a few sightings in our area, especially in Riverview Terrace Park, where food waste has been left.

Feeding coyotes whether directly by leaving or discarding food on the ground, open garbage bins or indirectly by feeding birds will encourage coyotes to return and put people at higher risk of an encounter. Do not feed wildlife and take care to ensure food waste is properly contained in garbage bins.

Feeding wildlife any human food is unhealthy for them and can lead to disease and death. Wildlife knows how to feed itself.

Dogs are seen by coyotes as predators and may be attacked. When walking , keep your dog leashed and near to you. A coyote shadowing you or your dog is actually escorting you away from their dens or rendezvous areas. When shadowed, leave the area, keep eye contact and do not run. If directly approached, make loud noises and assertive body gestures.

Following these simple guidelines ensures you’ll get to enjoy the outdoors and safely co-exist with wildlife like coyotes.

The City of Ottawa recently confirmed that they will be installing some signage at a few places in Riverview Terrace Park. One by the garbage cans and one in the interior where food – seeds, bread etc was often found on the ground.

Here are a few links about wildlife in an urban environment

NCC – Coexisting with Coyotes

Nick Stow talks about coexisting with coyotes (YouTube)

City of Ottawa Wildlife Issues – coyotes

City of Ottawa Wildlife Speakers Series – Living with Coyotes (YouTube)

Coyote Watch Canada

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