Coyotes and Black Bears In Our Area

The National Capital Commission (NCC) would like to remind the public about the precautions to take in the presence of wildlife, such as black bears and coyotes, in the National Capital Region.   We have received several reports about black bears and coyotes in certain parts of the Greenbelt and near Gatineau Park. We would first like to reassure the public, as well as clarify that it is quite rare for these animals to come near populated areas. However, occasionally it can happen that they might wander close to residential areas searching for food.   A few facts to remember: Never feed wildlife. Avoid attracting animals by preventing food odours in garbage and bird feeders, for example. Keep your dog on leash in areas where required to do so. Keep your distance from all animals.  If you see signs that a bear or coyote has been nearby, or if you see one of these animals in the distance, calmly leave the area.   We invite you to read the articles The black bear in the National Capital Region and How to coexist with coyotes in the National Capital Region on the NCC’s website to familiarize yourself with the safety measures to take if you encounter these animals.   To make sure you have the latest news about the NCC, follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. We invite you to share this message with the members of your community.   Best regards, 
 The Public Affairs team 

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