Check Out What is Happening at the Field House on Van Lang…

Take-out Turkey Dinners and Holiday Baking Delivered to Neighbours in Need!

Westboro Community Kitchen

The Westboro Community Kitchen began in 2015 and was held on the last Monday of the month. Initially, it used another location in Westboro but relocated as soon as the Field House on Van Lang became available.  In 2020, new approaches had to be developed and adopted. The kitchen crew pivoted to a takeout model and began preparing about 80 meals every second Friday. The means are then picked up by recipients or delivered to people in the catchment area who were past users of the community kitchen program or the Dinner in Van Lang program which was held monthly. For more information, please call  Hilary Rose at the Carlington Community Health Centre 613.722.4000 ext.

After the Bell

The After the Bell program is held on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays during the school year for Grades 2, 4, 5 and 6.  It provides help with homework, develops self-esteem,  and encourages critical thinking and problem solving, leadership, and team work skills while offering healthy snacks. Currently, students can attend in person on Monday and online Thursday and Friday. For more information, please call Natasha at 613-722-4000 extension 322


As of December 3, 2020 Mothercraft Early On Years Program is offering free monthly activity kits that can be picked up at the Field House on Van Lang on Thursdays between 1:00 and 1:30. To register, email Maggie Gomez at  or call 6130728-1839 extension 290.

COVID Times – Programs Postponed Until Further Notice

Dinner with your Neighbours (last Wednesday of the month)

Coffee Time (four morning a week) hosted by the Van Lang Tenants Group

Baking with Donna (Friday evenings)

Leaders in Training (was held Tuesday and Wednesday evening) Sponsored by Christie Lake Kids

Checkout the activities going on at our neighbourhood field house on their Facebook page.

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